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The Insect Collection

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LEGO® Ideas Home Alone

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A-Frame Cabin

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Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon's Tale

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The Orient Express Train

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Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters' Cottage

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Red London Telephone Box

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Out-of-This-World Bundle

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Grand Piano

Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between, we’re proud to present to you this LEGO® masterpiece in craft and innovation.
Carefully designed from nearly 4000 (3662) individual pieces, the LEGO Grand Piano is a feat of ingenuity.
With this intricate instrument, you can build a crescendo of creativity. One brick and one note at a time. Because today, you are the maestro. You are center stage, and this is your time to play.
So, without further ado, please, put your bricks together for your masterpiece.

Pirates of Barracuda Bay

A rumor of a strange island… an island inhabited by graying pirates and built with the wreckage of an old ship. Who knows what’s true and what’s false, but beware regardless – if you listen to the whistling winds of the sea at night, you might just hear the words… Barracuda, Barracuda, Barracuda…

International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is a true marvel of engineering, an immense orbiting laboratory that has maintained a continuous human presence in space since November 2000 and is the largest human-made structure that exists off the Earth. This awesome LEGO® Ideas model marks our ten-year anniversary and is a small tribute to that huge structure, packed with details and functions that will be a pleasure to build and a delight to display.

Dinosaur Fossils

Fossils tell stories of their time; stories of evolutionary successes and dead-ends, of turbulent lives and complicated ecosystems, and help us piece together the steps that evolution took during these mysterious epochs in life on Earth.


Re-live the moments from the classic iconic TV sitcom Friends!

Tree House

Climb up the fantastic Tree House to let the fun and imagination begin!

Steamboat Willie

Produced in 1928, Steamboat Willie was Disney’s first cartoon with fully synchronized sound, a soundtrack and the very first public appearance of the famous mouse who became one of the world’s most loved characters. The creativity and determination behind the cartoon are also part of LEGO® Ideas’ creative building ethos, making the buildable model a perfect fit for the theme.

The Flintstones

Debuting in the fall of 1960, The Flintstones soon became a hit cartoon, reflecting everyday issues in a Stone Age setting while being appealing to both young and old viewers. The creative building set was designed to be fun for kids and nostalgic for adults, containing lots of entertaining and instantly recognizable details while maintaining the well-known humor and fun of the cartoon.


Voltron is a huge buildable robot warrior model made up of 5 mechanical lions, piloted by brave space explorers from the Galaxy Alliance. Together they form the mighty Voltron and defend the universe from monstrous Robeasts controlled by the wicked king Zarkon. The cartoon was introduced in 1984, as an American adaptation of the Japanese Beast King GoLion. Now you can build this collectible version for yourself!

TRON: Legacy

The iconic Light Cycle fits perfectly into the LEGO® Ideas world, filled with fine detailing, smooth lines and curves that match the movie version and really recreate the vehicle. Designed to roll smoothly for play or be on display, the collectible Light Cycle stands as a fundamental element of the TRON universe, brought to life as a buildable model.

Ship in a Bottle

Full of unique and fun details while offering a challenge as difficult as building an actual ship in a bottle, this LEGO® Ideas model combines crazy building techniques with new elements that help add to the thrill. As well, the model designers worked to incorporate classic elements to give the model a nostalgic LEGO feel while reflecting a more modern LEGO style. This set can make a creative gift for a sea-loving LEGO fan!

Apollo Saturn V

The Saturn V was a massive multi-stage rocket used in the Apollo program in the 1960s and 1970s. Now the Apollo 11 Mission version of that impressive rocket has been recreated in LEGO® bricks, by fans who love creative building just like you. The buildable model is full of authentic details, including 3 stages and a separate brick-built Lunar Landing module. The set is sturdy enough for play, while also looking great on display and makes a creative and unique gift.

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