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Choose your FREE gift with purchases over $40*

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  • 1-2

    Develop fine motor skills, foster imagination and a love for creativity with these introduction to LEGO® sets for your 1 and 2-year olds.Shop Now
  • 3-5

    If your 3-5 year old builder is ready for a new challenge, here are some sets that are more detailed, but are still easy-to-build and foster creativity.Shop Now
  • 6-8

    Send your 6-8 year old kids deep into a world of imaginative play where they can create their own stories and build and rebuild their favorite characters.Shop Now
  • 9-11

    Larger sets for 9-11 year olds require more patience, but also have a larger sense of accomplishment and more longevity for playing and rebuilding.Shop Now
  • 12+

    Teenagers and adults will be inspired and challenged by these detailed sets. Completing them will instill a great sense of confidence and pride.Shop Now