LEGO® Sets Price Range

LEGO® sets make great holiday gifts for kids and adults, no matter what your budget is. Find the perfect addition to your LEGO® collection or choose the best birthday or seasonal gift for friends, family or loved ones.

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  • Under $25

    Building on a budget! Get great LEGO® gifts for under $25.Shop Now
  • $25 - $50

    Gift ideas for everyone! Search for the perfect set between $25 and $50.Shop Now
  • $50 - $75

    Special occasion sets! We have a list of cool sets between $50 and $75.Shop Now
  • $75 - $100

    Impressive sets! Here’s a list of sets between $75 and $100 that will make your builder say “Wow!”Shop Now
  • Over $100

    Show-stopper sets! Search for sets that will blow your builder away.Shop Now