• The Action Heats Up with LEGO® City Fire!

    Climb ladders, ride Fire Engines, and join the Fire Brigade team!

  • Stop Crime in the Sky!

    The LEGO® City Sky Police are flying into action to stop the crooks!g

  • Buckle Up for Vehicle Adventures!

    From the road, to rivers, to the sky, LEGO® Great Vehicles has the perfect ride!

Welcome to LEGO® City – Real Play

Featuring an endless world of characters, vehicles, and locations based on their familiar real-life counterparts, LEGO® City is full of creative inspiration. All of the bricks in the different City themes can be built together, ensuring tons of building and rebuilding potential. Find the perfect set and start building a new neighborhood today!

LEGO® City’s Best Bricks!

Combine Your Bricks with Tech!

The LEGO® City Powered-Up App enables users to drive, add sound effects, and control their brick-built trains. Click through to learn more, or tune in to the video tutorial to see how you set up and get started with your remote controlled or app controlled trains.

Bricks Come to Life with Light & Sound!

Add a new dimension of realism to brick-built play with the Light and Sound brick! With this exciting new feature in select LEGO City sets, children’s LEGO brick models will look and sound like the vehicles they see in real life!

Jump Into Their Imagination!

Experience the joy and wonder of a child’s wild imagination! We surprised parents and kids with a very special virtual play experience using sets from the LEGO City Arctic expedition theme to inspire fun, imaginative play.

Have LEGO® City Questions?

Find the answers here! Learn more about LEGO® City sets, read helpful FAQs, and find the links you’re looking for.