• Kids love to get inspired, share their creativity and connect with other kids. The LEGO® Life app is a creative and social place for kids where they can do just that in a completely safe environment!​

There’s so much for kids to do in the LEGO® Life app

  • Create & Share

    Kids can upload and share photos of their LEGO® creations in the LEGO Life app. It’s completely safe and moderators review all posts to ensure that they are appropriate and don’t contain any personal information.

  • Like & Comment

    Kids can like and comment on each other’s posts. With happy LEGO® emoticons and moderators ensuring comments are friendly, the LEGO Life app is always a positive experience.

  • Friending

    Your child can safely friend others in the LEGO® Life app. Users have anonymous minifigure avatars, and moderators ensure no personal information or photos are shared.

  • AR avatars

    Kids can make their own avatar come to life using Augmented Reality! They can view and interact with their own 3D avatar and place it in the real world. Once they have found the perfect spot, they can take a snapshot and share it with other kids in the app.​

  • Rewards & Badges

    We encourage kids to be creative and to inspire creativity in other kids. Badges are earned for sharing creations, liking other kids’ posts and more.

  • Activities & Fun

    There are plenty of ways for kids to get inspired and have fun in the LEGO® Life app. They can join challenges, express their opinions in polls, take quizzes and watch fun videos!