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LEGO® City Stuntz: Stunt cars and bikes

The latest arrivals into LEGO® City are subtly settling in. If by ‘subtle’ you mean head-upside-down-flying-through-fire-subtle.

LEGO City: Let’s Make Stuntz Awesome

Tricks, characters, vehicles... Everything about Stuntz is designed with awesome in mind, helping kids make the most incredible maneuvers this City’s ever seen!

From stunt bikes to cars

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Okeāna izpētes bāze

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Kravas vilciens

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Kaskadieru triku parks

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Savvaļas dzīvnieku glābšanas nometne

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How will your kid ride?

Will they taste sweet victory as they break and bake their way to cake-y glory…?

Monkeying around

Then again, it’s hard to enjoy cake when there’s a mechanical chimp trying to smash you…

Swapping tricks for shopping lists

Because even Stuntz riders need groceries… In LEGO® City, it’s your kid who decides who’s needed where.

Pfff… Batteries. Who needs ‘em?

Stuntz bikes are powered by flywheel technology. Now if that sounds fancy… it is… Just push the bike forward to power up its engine, then let fly to watch it soar!
Stuck on which stunt to pull next?
Our Random Stuntz Generator can help you out!
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