LEGO® City – A place without limits

In the best cities, you never know what’s around the corner. Could be high-flying skateboarders, deep-sea divers or monster trucks. In a place where kids are in charge and imagination flows freely and without limits, it might just be all three… Help kids tell their next great story, with LEGO® City!
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Action without limits

Our minifigures might not move by themselves. But they’ll be doing a whole lot of moving in your kids’ hands!

Exploration without limits

LEGO® City is more than just a concrete jungle. In fact, it’s got even more to explore than an actual jungle does…

Sets for explorers

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Pētnieku niršanas kuģis

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Arktikas pētnieku sniega motocikls

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Creation without limits

Kids are in full control of how their City buildings look, thanks to our nifty and fun modular building system!

On your marks…

These two minifigures have decided to go racing around the City’s streets (much to the delight of your kids, we imagine…)

No City is perfect…

Don’t panic… but those daring crooks are pulling a heist from… an ice cream van?! Can they even do that?! They can when their only limit is your kids’ imagination…

Another day over. Now… what’s on tomorrow?

With open-ended sets designed for infinite possibilities, every day throws up new adventures in LEGO® City.
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