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LEGO® Space Toys & Sets

Who knows what lies out there in deepest, darkest space? Floating cows? Purple skies? Yellow astronauts? There’s only one way to find out...
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NASA kosmosa kuģis Discovery

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NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

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Kosmosa kuģa misija

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You’re never too young to be a LEGO® astronaut...

A brand-new way to play

Who needs building instructions anyway? Not your little astronaut, as they embark on this space-themed LEGO® City Missions set!

Tranquility base, here

Pay tribute to one of humanity’s greatest achievements: the 1969 Moon landing!
The first LEGO® astronauts launched back in 1978!

We’ve been working with NASA since the 1990s

The LEGO Group and NASA have a long history of collaboration on projects to engage kids (and, let’s be honest... adults) in space exploration and all things STEM.

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