LEGO® STEM Toys & Gifts

How do these LEGO® sets boost STEM skills?


Kids like asking questions. Building from scratch gives them the answers.


The build is just the start. We push kids to be creative and go a step further.


These are some complex sets! There will be trying. And failing. And learning.


From coding to tackling Technic™, sharing is caring with these sets.

There’s a STEM set for every level…

STEM toys for beginners

From practicing numbers to solving their devilish gravity theory, LEGO® DUPLO® has their STEM needs covered.

The best DUPLO® sets for young scientists

Kosmosa kuģa misija

Price19,99 €

Tvaika lokomotīve

Average rating3.4out of 5 stars
Price69,99 €

Klucīši un funkcijas

Price36,99 €

Intermediate STEM toys

Motor their STEM skills development forward with… well, motors, for one. Plus sensors, springs, speakers… you get the idea…

Perfect for kids getting to grips with science

Kosmosa laineris

Price10,99 €
- 20%

Olīvijas kosmosa akadēmija

Price79,99 €Sale Price63,99 €


Price10,99 €

Kravas vilciens

Average rating4.3out of 5 stars
Price199,99 €

Klucīši un funkcijas

Price36,99 €

STEM toys for experts

Build our most scientific sets or get taught how to code like a pro by a bunch of friendly robots. Ah, the agony of choice.

Our most complex sets

Reti sastopams produkts

NASA kosmosa kuģis Discovery

Average rating4.5out of 5 stars
Price199,99 €
Reti sastopams produkts

NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
Price109,99 €

Materiālu iekrāvējs

Price139,99 €
- 20%

Olīvijas kosmosa akadēmija

Price79,99 €Sale Price63,99 €

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Want to learn more?

Don’t we all. From toddlers trying to figure out exactly how the world works, to professional scientists… trying to figure out exactly how the world works, the journey of STEM discoveries never stops. It just takes you on cooler and cooler adventures. That’s where we come in. From deep-space missions to codable dinosaurs, there’s a scientific adventure out there just waiting for the right builder. So explore our full suite of STEM sets below!

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