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The 7 Best LEGO® Fire Truck Toys for Kids

The 7 Best LEGO® Fire Truck Toys for Kids

Know someone with a burning desire to save the day? Bring the fun of fire trucks to playtime and spark a passion for helping others.

Get everyone to safety in style with the best LEGO® fire engine toys, and make your young firefighters feel like real life heroes!

LEGO® DUPLO – Rescue Fire Station & Helicopter

Get stuck into a busy day fighting fires with this versatile playset!

Little heroes aged 2+ can take part in fast-moving fun at the fire station, helping the fire-fighting team whizz down the slide, climb into the Push&Go fire truck and head off through the large swing door to save the day. There’s even a helicopter to join the mission, taking off from the roof of the feature-filled station!

This set is bursting with opportunities for developmental play, with friendly characters, fun activities and fascinating features.

LEGO® City – Fire Station

It’s all go at the fire station – swing down the fire pole to the engine house, load up the rescue ladder and save a cat stuck in a tree. Then, when fire breaks out elsewhere, get Finn McCormack and Freya McCloud out of the control room and the firefighters’ quarters and into the helicopter, complete with splat-launcher for dealing with those flames from a distance!

The engine also includes a shooter for launching water darts, as well as space for the firefighters to drive. Then bring the cute dog along as a team mascot!

LEGO® City – Fire Brigade

Fire at the factory – the secret sardine sauce is slipping out of the barrel! Get LEGO City TV’s Clemmons and Feldman on the scene and someone in a hazmat suit to deal with it.

There’s a cat stranded on the roof, so pull out the life net and get ready for a jump. Then aim the hose at the fire in the windows to keep the flames suppressed. There’s lots of functionality to play with, so there are always more adventures to be had.

There’s also a fire motorbike and the fire chief’s pickup so the whole team can get to the crisis!

LEGO® | Disney Mickey and Friends – Mickey & Friends Fire Truck & Station

Young ones can save the day too! Join Disney’s Mickey Mouse and friends Minnie, Goofy and Pluto as they tackle a fire.

Hop in the mini fire engine with its ladder on the back and zip from the station straight to the burning barbecue – then pull out the water sprayer to get things under control.

The set comes with two Starter Brick bases to make assembly easy, and kids aged four and up will love being the heroes!

LEGO® City – Fire Rescue & Police Chase

A police chase has left a scene of mayhem behind! While the police motorbike races after the fleeing bad guys, wheel the fire truck around to the damaged electric box to deal with the fire.

Use the fire drone to take to the air and help LEGO City TV’s firefighter Bob put out the fire from above, then catch up with the crooks and put them behind bars.

There are accessories like the criminals’ loot bags to play with as well as a buildable traffic light – combine with other LEGO City sets to build a whole adventure!

LEGO® City – Fire Command Unit

The science lab has had an experiment go wrong, and there’s only one team on call to help put out the blaze!

Stack the LEGO flames high on the lab structure, then call in LEGO City Adventures TV characters Bob and Feldman, as well as their firefighting robot friend, Toastie, to shoot down the blaze.

Play out stories from the popular LEGO City Adventures TV series as Bob and Feldman show up in their fire engine, with its cherry picker arm to get them to the top of the towering inferno.

Once they’re in position, roll Toastie off the back of the truck to shoot water elements from the working cannon to put the fire out!

LEGO® City – Fire Ladder Truck

Get straight to the action with this fully equipped fire truck, including a raisable extinguisher ladder to pour water straight onto problems.

Crewed by LEGO City Adventures TV character Freya McCloud and her firefighter partner, this set is ready for all sorts of adventures, whether it’s recreating stories from the TV series or something brand new!

The set features stackable LEGO flames to heighten the drama with bigger blazes, as well as a water hydrant to help supply the truck.

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