LEGO® Insiders dāvana, veicot pirkumus par vismaz 200 €*Uzzināt vairāk

LEGO® Insiders dāvana, veicot pirkumus par vismaz 200 €*Uzzināt vairāk

LEGO® City: Fire and Police Toys

LEGO® City Police and Fire Toys

Smooth sailing isn’t always guaranteed in LEGO® City! Discover an action-packed world where captivating toys and fun characters blend fantasy with reality for imaginative play without limits!

Calling all new police recruits!

Hey rookie! Get ready for the awesome challenges in the LEGO® City Police Training Academy. Zip, climb, zoom and ride through the obstacles to show you’ve got what it takes to be an officer in the city!

Siren starters

Policijas cietuma sala

Price109,99 €

Ugunsdzēsēju depo un ugunsdzēsēju auto

Price89,99 €

Ugunsdzēsēju glābšanas lidmašīna

Price67,99 €

Ugunsdzēsēju glābšanas helikopters

Price9,99 €

Ugunsdzēsēju komandcentra auto

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Policijas treniņu akadēmija

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Ugunsdzēsēju-glābēju kuģis

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Ugunsdzēsēju depo un ugunsdzēsēju auto

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Policijas iecirknis un pakaļdzīšanās

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Policijas iecirknis

Price64,99 €

Policijas auto

Price9,99 €

Is that the sound of digging?

Do the crooks have something up their sleeves on the LEGO® City Police Prison Island?

Never fear! A LEGO® police car is here!

How will your kid apprehend even the most fearsome of... teeny-tiny criminals.

From rookie to teacher

Each LEGO® City Police adventure helps kids train up their creative storytelling skills. Which then helps them keep the City safe in the most fun ways possible!

Some like it hot

… Or will they instead keep the streets safe by battling the elements from a LEGO® City Fire station?

Gadgets? Just a few…

Our LEGO® City Fire truck toys are ready for whatever your kid’s imagination fires at them.

Take firefighting play to new heights!

LEGO® flames and water cannons elevate playtime!
Let’s go