Lois Lane™

Lois Lane™, first-rate reporter and love interest of Superman™
Since her first appearance in a 1938 issue of Action Comics, Lois Lane™ has become a familiar part of the Superman™ story. An award-winning journalist, Lois works for the Daily Planet newspaper – the same publication as Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent™. Since the moment they met, Lois has been Clark’s, and Superman’s, primary love interest.

Lois Lane may not be a super hero, but she is heroic nonetheless in her dogged pursuit of the truth whenever she gets her teeth into a story. She was the first reporter to interview Superman and, it has to be said, many of her biggest stories have involved the actions of her favorite super hero.

Lois Lane has assumed the Superwoman™ character, albeit in a dream sequence after being hit by a truck. She has experienced other episodes where she has acquired superpowers, but each time it has been short-lived.

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