Alexander ‘Lex’ Luthor™

Highly intelligent, extremely dangerous and archnemesis of Superman™.

Making his debut in 1940, Lex Luther™, is one of the original super villains. Despite being a power-mad maniac obsessed with ridding the world of Superman™, he has managed to fabricate a positive public image, largely by donating vast sums of money to good causes.

His hateful fixation with Superman stems from overwhelming jealousy. Luthor believes that he is the supreme being, and cannot bear there to be any other possible contender. So, when Superman displays his amazing abilities – Luthor wants him dead.

The weapons he uses typically involve kryptonite – Superman’s only vulnerability. His only superpower is his intelligence. Inside his distinctive bald head, is one of the smartest brains on the planet (and, most likely, other planets too). He is skilled at every aspect of science and technology – from space travel to time travel.

As the prototype super villain, it is no surprise that Lex Luther toys and LEGO® playsets featuring the evil genius have remained enduring gifts for kids for decades.


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