8 Best LEGO® Fall Craft Ideas for Kids

8 Best LEGO® Fall Craft Toys

When the season starts shifting towards bonfires, orange leaves on the ground and pumpkin spices, playtime gets crafty – and sometimes eerie!

To get stuck in with new creative projects this season, here are eight of the best LEGO® fall and harvest crafts you can put together with your young ones.

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LEGO® Pickup Truck

The LEGO Pickup Truck set is an arts-and-crafts project that will take vintage-lovers on a journey back to the 1950s.

When completed, the collectible truck makes a great centerpiece in a seasonal display.

With authentic touches and tons of accessories, this versatile truck can be adjusted for an eye-catching decor piece all year round.

There's a wheelbarrow with flowers for spring, tomatoes, carrots and a milk bucket for summer, a crate of pumpkins for autumn and a festive gift and wreath for winter!

LEGO® DOTS ǀ Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Back-to-School Project Box

Disney fans aged 6+ can express their personalities to the fullest at school, with this premium LEGO DOTS | Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Back-to-School Project Box.

Featuring 6 different DOTS canvases, a 2-drawer chest with Mickey ears, picture frame, note holder with a secret compartment, 2 flat bag tags and an adhesive patch, there’s plenty of jumping-off points for creativity to spring from!

There are loads of colored tiles to choose from as well as 10 exclusive LEGO | Disney’s Mickey and Minnie-decorated tiles!


LEGO® Halloween Cat & Mouse

Step into the scary season with this adorable LEGO Halloween Cat & Mouse set!

The 328-piece set assembles to create a heartwarming autumn scene that features a super-cute cat and mouse playing hide and seek with the pumpkin. There are also mini pumpkins and autumnal-colored flowers that adorn the rotating base.

Halloween fans, pet lovers and LEGO set builders aged 9+ are bound to have a very happy Halloween thanks to this set!

LEGO® DOTS Designer Toolkit – Patterns

The LEGO DOTS Designer Toolkit – Patterns has everything creative kids aged 8+ need to make a mixture of super-cool wearable and useful items this Fall!

This premium arts-and-crafts kit is perfect for keeping kids occupied with a creative task on chilly autumn days. There are 10 different DOTS canvases to decorate, including a double-row bracelet, adhesive and stitch-on patches and a large photo frame, plus 860+ tiles in 5 styles and color schemes!

The easy-to-follow in-box inspiration makes this perfect for kids aged 8 and above to explore their unique creative identities.

LEGO® DOTS – Cute Panda Tray

Kids aged 6+ who are passionate about animals and arts and crafts can get the best of both worlds with this fun LEGO DOTS Cute Panda Tray kit!

With a large lower tray representing the body and a smaller upper box for the head that turns and opens, kids can stow away treats and secret treasures in a cool storage tray!

The kit comes with everything needed to build the customized panda-shaped box – but don’t let the fun stop there, this set works great alongside the Extra DOTS Series 7 – SPORT set (sold separately) for even more creative possibilities!

LEGO® DOTS – Creative Designer Box

If you know a child who needs a boost to their creative options, this designer box is perfect for providing them with the resources to unleash their inner artist.

Packed with colored and alphabet tiles great for designs and messages, kids can use the included magazine and instructions to put together a desk organizer, standing drawers, a message board, a picture frame and a small tray – or take it all apart and build something that’s entirely their own.

There are also many more designs online for making use of over 650 tiles.

LEGO® Classic – Medium Creative Brick Box

Spruce up your brick collection with a Medium Creative Brick Box with fall craft options for adults and kids alike.

You can build whatever you like with the massive range of colorful bricks, from a yellow car to a tiger to a card stand – or a miniature Halloween ghost!

There are endless instructions online for creating new ideas, or you can use the windows, eyes and wheels to build something entirely new.

LEGO® Halloween Owl

Looking for a cool display piece to set the mood for the season? This Halloween Owl comes with two uncarved pumpkin toys and some lovely fall flowers to get the right color palette on show.

And if you want to keep the display changing, the stern little owl can rotate and move its feathers to give a new look to the whole set!

A great display piece for the Halloween season, this lifelike, big-eyed owl display sports a cute autumnal look and feel.

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