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Ekow Nimako is a Toronto-based, internationally-exhibiting artist known for his Afrofuturistic sculptures crafted using LEGO® elements.

“My goal is to push the culture forward. Black culture, Ghanaian culture, world culture. For this purpose, I truly appreciate the intelligent design of LEGO [pieces]. Tiny plastic elements act as DNA for complex entities that breathe life into their environment.”

– Ekow Nimako


Explore awesome building activities, specially created by Ekow, to create 3 traditional Adinkra symbols of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.

These symbols convey messages of traditional wisdom, aspects of life or the environment, and are used decoratively in textiles, architecture and more.

“Adinkra models can be explored in so many ways using LEGO bricks. Builders all over the world can learn about and celebrate West African culture, while being challenged to create something absolutely unique.”

– Ekow Nimako

… And Rebuild it like Ekow

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“Afrofuturism and Africanfuturism give us unlimited potential and possibilities. It is a great vehicle to change the world perception of Africa and the people of the African Diaspora.”

– Ekow Nimako

1. Flower Girl, 2019 – The centerpiece of Ekow Nimako’s Building Black Mythos body of work.   

2. Ekow Nimako with Mantawutu, 2020  

3. The Bandit Queen of Walatah, 2019 – An artwork from Ekow Nimako’s Building Black Civilizations body of work.  

4. Kadeesa, 2020 – A mythological creature called a Griffyx, inspired by the famed winged feline of a similar name.  

5. Ekow Nimako with Warrior Owl, 2020

    Visit Ekow’s Instagram to see more of his work

    Diversity in Creativity

    We are honored that talented artists choose LEGO® bricks as their medium of self-expression. Here are more Black creators that craft, play and build with LEGO elements.

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