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This is the page where your superpower awakens

What, didn’t you know you’ve got a superpower? You do! It’s the superpower of play. It lets you think outside the box, connect with others, problem-solve like a boss, and fill the world with fun. And to prove it, we’ve made you a playable film. Don’t just ‘play’ it – literally play it... like a game. Watch, enjoy, and use your superpower to solve the clues.

Play is your superpower!

This film is packed with hidden clues. Play it, replay it, and solve them all! Every time you crack a code, you unlock a superpowered minifigure that you can personalize. There are six outfits to collect. Solve all six clues to collect them all.

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Build to Give is BACK. It’s our favorite time of the year and it’s just around the corner...

Family play, now supercharged

It’s a scientific fact that families who play together have a bazillion times more fun. Smash these super play challenges together and get your powers flowing.
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