Whatever your child is passionate about, you can find a LEGO® gift to match their wildest wishes, as well as their age and building skills. You’re not giving your kids a building block. You’re helping them build their own endless, creative universe. Scroll down to start.

For Your Young Star Wars™ X-Wing Starfighter™ Pilot

Be in the cockpit when your child destroys the Death Star™. Start their rebel training here with LEGO Star Wars toys for kids ages 6+.

LEGO City for Real-Life Heroes Ages 6+

If your child says it’s Bring Your Parent to Work day in LEGO City, buckle up and enjoy the ride-along. From action-packed fire rescues and police chases, to construction trucks, trains and fun everyday outdoor adventures, find the perfect sets for ages 6+.

LEGO Classic Bricks for Kids Ages 4+

Want to meet your kid’s new best friend? LEGO Classic sets are perfect for endless creative free-building for kids and grown-ups ages 4+.

LEGO Racing Cars for Kids Ages 5+

Feel the joy of sweaty helmet hair and the smell of smoking tires - join your kids on the racetrack with toy cars and other fun adventures from LEGO Friends and more.

Toy Horses, Nature Activities and Wild Camping Fun

How to get your kids to play outdoors: Bring your whole family back to nature with LEGO Friends sets for kids ages 6+.

LEGO Jurassic World™ - Fallen Kingdom Toys for Ages 7+

Family sports, anyone? There’s nothing like a brisk/panicked escape from a rampaging dinosaur toy to help your whole family stay fit.

Creative LEGO Toys and Gift Ideas for Kids - Buy Online

Shop for creative building sets with classic kids’ favorites like race cars, police cars, and LEGO Star Wars.

LEGO Toys – Find their wildest wishes by category

Looking for toy cars, toy animals, dinosaurs, STEM toys, or something completely different? It’s easy to find the right gift. Get a quick overview of our Passion Points and Categories, or contact Customer Service.