We design and create LEGO STEM toys because we believe that curiosity, fun, and creativity are major drivers in getting both kids and adults excited about science. You can always play and experiment your way from basic to advanced STEM skills. (And that’s a scientific fact!) STEM is a window to understanding the building blocks of life, the universe and everything. It gives us tools to explore, question, navigate in, and even invent the world we live in – skills that can and will be applied in every field of work and play.

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Fun, Cool and Creative STEM Projects for Kids of All Ages

You can find lots of creative ideas and inspiration for easy to advanced STEM projects for toddlers to older kids. It’s not just about programming computers, filling large chalkboards with complicated equations or building robots. You can tap into your child’s curiosity about almost anything and find ways to start a fun experiment or game. At its core, STEM is really about understanding and engaging in the world around you, with curious observation, critical questions, and the creativity and courage to fearlessly try new things. Whether you’re stacking a tower of LEGO DUPLO bricks for fun or trying to find a new galaxy!

STEM toys for Ages 4-7 - Toddlers and Preschoolers

Did you know that something as relatively simple as playing counting games with your toddler can spark their passion for STEM? Learning about numbers and basic math this way can help develop their observational and analytical skills in any field. How many dots are on a lady bug? How many toes do I have?

Another simple play activity that is universally popular with toddlers from any culture all over the world is “How many (insert favorite toys here) can I stack on top of each other before they fall over?” There’s your child’s first lesson in the law of gravity!

Find ideas for fun STEM projects for young kids in these videos!

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