Coding For Kids

Coding for Kids

Coding and Programming Toys

Why should your child learn to code? Coding opens world of endless possibilities. We could stop there because that’s the quickest answer, but keep reading, and we’ll tell you a little more about what we have discovered happens when kids learn coding through play!

Look for age markings in the sets below to find the perfect set for your child’s age and skill level.

Featured sets

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LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime Set

Price164,99 €

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime'i komplekt

Price479,99 €

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essentiali komplekt

Price359,99 €


Price189,99 €

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Price299,99 €

Build me komplekt „Tunded”

Price104,99 €

LEGO® Technicu väikese jaoturi aku

Price79,99 €

LEGO® Technicu väike jaotur

Price254,99 €


Price259,99 €

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LEGO® Robot Programming for Kids

Ask your child what they would make a robot toy do if they had one, and we’ll guarantee the answer will either make you laugh, wonder, start a lively discussion about what makes humans human and robots robots, or all of the above. A robot building kit is a cool way for boys and girls alike to build and program their own version of what a robot should look and act like. (You don’t have to tell them it’s educational, too.) It can be cute, cool, dangerous, helpful, funny or even acrobatic. It’s a fun project they can work on as a hobby, alone, with friends, or with your help. The possibilities are endless.

Who can learn to code with LEGO® toys?

As a rule of thumb, everyone can learn to code with these LEGO® sets. You’re off to a very good start if you’re curious and playful by nature, as kids are. That’s really the only basic skills you need to begin your coding experiments.

Learn to code at home with a LEGO® set

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential Set sparks kids’ imaginations, fosters creativity and helps them develop valuable coding skills.

Advantages of Coding

Meet and Make the LEGO® Robots

From cute cats and crawling creatures to charming, talking robots and machines of all kinds – find all our LEGO® robots here.

Need help with LEGO® coding toys?

Are you missing a part? Have you lost your building instructions? Do you have questions about a function, app or element of your coding toy? Your friendly, non-robotic LEGO® customer service staff is happy to help!