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LEGO® Space Sets

Building a rocket… how hard could that be? Or taking that rocket to distant planets? Pssh, total piece of cake. We’re no aliens to intergalactic escapades thanks to our fleet of space-inspired sets across our themes. And here you can explore them all.

We have lift-off!

With LEGO® Space sets, traveling to distant planets and uncharted galaxies takes only a few seconds…

Navigate the final frontier

LEGO® Icons

LEGO® Icons

Challenging and rewarding builds for experienced LEGO® astronauts.Sobilik alates 18+. eluaastast.
Kõige populaarsemad komplektid

Fire up the boosters

And, while you’re at it, fire up their passion for science with tech-heavy sets designed to be built by future scientists!

Who knows what lies beyond?

Erm… your kid. Your kid knows. But to help them along on their inventive ways we like to sneak in the odd story-starting alien…

Because why should kids get to have all the fun?

Make space on your wall (get it… like “space”… oh never mind) for one of our space sets for adults – the ultra-textured, suuuper colorful, practically hyperdimensional LEGO Art The Milky Way Galaxy set!

Connecting space... their way

With our nifty air-lock brick, kids can combine their favorite themes in zero gravity or make personalized space stations in the shape of… well… anything!

Keep exploring

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Price76,99 €

VTOL raske lasti kosmoselaev LT81

Price117,99 €

Marsi kosmosebaas ja rakett

Price99,99 €

Kosmosebaas ja raketi stardiplatvorm

Price154,99 €

Pinna kosmoselaadur LT78

Price39,99 €

Modulaarne kosmosejaam

Price109,99 €

Marsimeeskonna uurimiskulgur

Price164,99 €