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Ainult veebis! LEGO® Insidersi kingitus Dungeons & Dragonsi ostuga*Lisateave

The 9 Best LEGO® Horse Toys For Kids

The 9 Best LEGO® Horse Toys For Kids

Are your kids horse-obsessed? It might be tough to fit a real-life pony through the door, but children are sure to love playing with LEGO® toy horse sets, whether that’s taking care of horses in need of medicine or bringing their favorite film scenes to life with horses from the big screen.

We’ve put together nine of the best LEGO horse toys for girls and boys of all ages, so you can pick out your next animal adventure!

LEGO® Friends – Horse Show Trailer

Delight horse lovers aged 8 and up with this buildable horse trailer set!

Kids can join the LEGO Friends characters on the road as they travel to riding shows with their two prize-winning horses, spending the night in the cozy sleeping area and then hitting the road in the smart SUV tow car.

The cool trailer is fitted with everything they need, including a compartment for the horses to travel in and a room with the riding kit like toy reins and helmets.

There’s even space to display all their medals and trophies!

LEGO® Friends – Organic Farm

Teach kids aged 7+ all about sustainable living as they immerse themselves in fun farm role-play!

Groom the horse in the stable, then help the LEGO Friends mini-dolls harvest vegetables with the tractor and sell them at the farmer’s market. Kids can even hunt for fresh eggs in the henhouse to prepare a home-cooked meal in the kitchen!

Caring kids will enjoy restoring the traditional farmhouse and working as a team to tend to the farm, learning valuable skills as they go.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Red Barn

Bring the fun of Minecraft® out of the screen and into the real world with a brick-built version of the game’s iconic red barn.

Grow vegetables outside the barn, harvest potatoes with the turn of a knob, and care for animals including a horse, chicken and cows. But watch out! There’s a baby zombie taking the chicken for a ride, and kids must help the rancher defeat it before it causes any harm…

Packed with popular characters and features from the game, Minecraft fans aged 9 and over will love role-playing adventures with this versatile set!

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LEGO® Friends – Forest Horseback Riding Center

Join LEGO Friends Mia and Savannah on a forest trek, setting out to explore the woods on horseback!

When the woodland ride comes to an end, wander back to the horse ranch to care for the horse or relax in the multistory forest home. Cozy up around the fire to share stories, then head up to the bedroom to sleep before starting the adventure over again tomorrow!

This detailed ranch set is perfect for young animal lovers aged 7+ to spark endless storytelling and animal play.

LEGO® Friends – Horse Training and Trailer

Get ready for show jumping and horse riding with this cute toy horse training set for ages four and up! Kids can assemble the set quickly from the two Starter Bricks, and then play with the LEGO Friends Stephanie and Emma mini-dolls as they teach the horses how to run and play.

Then, when it’s time to show off those new skills, the trailer can transport the team to a competition where they can win a cool trophy!

LEGO® City – Horse Transporter

Get those horses on the go with the Horse Transporter set, featuring a 4x4 car and a hitched-up trailer, as well as two minifigures and some horse care supplies.

There’s even a dog pal to keep the team company on the go, and when they get to the training grounds, you can set up the bar, put on the minifigure’s riding helmet, and encourage the noble steed to get going with a tasty carrot.

LEGO® | Disney – Elsa and the Nokk Storybook Adventures

If your children love Disney’s Frozen 2, they’re sure to love this storybook adventure with micro-doll figures of Queen Iduna, Olaf, the Nokk ice horse and the Earth Giant, as well as two versions of Elsa herself.

Portable and full of magic straight from the film, this lightweight toy set offers a fantastical world for the whole family to explore.

Unfold the book to reveal the magical adventures inside, and bring the set to life by acting out scenes from the film, or combine it with other LEGO | Disney sets to create whole new adventures with all your favorite friends!

© Disney

LEGO® | Disney – Cinderella’s Royal Carriage

Bring a touch of magic to the play area with Disney Cinderella’s Royal Carriage featuring two horses fit for a princess. Act out Cinderella’s journey to the ball with an invitation accessory as well as her crown and iconic glass slippers.

But where did the spectacular carriage come from? The set comes with a pumpkin patch so you can follow the magic right through the scenes from the film.

The set also features figures of the Fairy Godmother and her wand, as well as the mouse Gus Gus, so you can create whole new magical scenes and adventures for the classic Disney Princess.

And don’t worry – the carriage won’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight, so playtime can go on happily ever after!

© Disney

LEGO® DUPLO® – Town Horse Stable and Pony Care

Take care of two adorable ponies with the DUPLO® Town Horse Stable and Pony Care set, the perfect horse toy for toddlers aged two and up!

With a buildable LEGO DUPLO stable, water pot and hay bale, your ponies will have a comfortable place to live, but it’s the love that they really need.

Your children can treat them with carrots and brushing – or take them out for a trot with the boy and girl figures as riders.

As they play, your little animal lovers will improve their fine motor skills and their emotional awareness by taking care of the horses and building or rebuilding the stable.

Keep the horses safe at home or rebuild the structure into fences for your riders to jump!

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