LEGO® Technic 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

Ready for the MOVE IT challenge?

Can a team of kids from around the world move 100 tons using only LEGO® Technic elements? Let’s find out!


Young engineers from FIRST® LEGO® League spent 2,000 building hours to come up with a solution…

… Test...

Testing is always important, so they tested their solution on a 3-ton mini-hauler before taking on the real deal…

… The Real Thing

And now at last… Moving a total of 100 ton. However, you need 24 tons of counterweight!

QA with Frida, Volvo engineer

What is Frida’s favorite thing about the Volvo A60H Articulated Hauler?

“The lights went out"

Watch some of the clips from the challenge that didn’t make the cut.

QA with Libor, LEGO® Engineer

Watch what Libor thought about the kids’ initial ideas.

Inspiring the next generation

FIRST® LEGO® League introduces science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to children through an exciting, global robotics competition.

Inspire their love for engineering

Let kids try out their own cool MOVE IT projects with these fun challenges set by adult LEGO® fans. From building tasks to creative problem-solving, kids will love discovering new ideas.

Creative problem-solving in action

Help your young builder design a door-opening device inspired by Anika’s cool challenge.

How to solve everyday challenges

See Damien use LEGO® Technic elements to solve a common problem. Then encourage your young builder to get inventing too!

Catapult power

What gives a catapult its power? Does the length of the arm matter? Find the answers in Rosa’s video and inspire kids to get building.

Ready for a towing challenge?

Inspire your young builder to use gears and motors to move a wheelbarrow just like Johan did.

Lift a heavy weight challenge

Check out Kirill’s video and learn how to lift a heavy weight using gears, pulleys and counterweights. What will your kid build?

Move a ball challenge

Kids will love getting creative as they build a device powerful enough to move a ball inspired by Dimitri’s video.

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You’re in control

CONTROL+ brings LEGO® Technic models to life with realistic multi-function control, authentic sounds, challenges and more.

Nurturing curiosity through STEM

The best way to get kids interested in technology and engineering is through play. Discover more with LEGO® STEM sets.