Improving Kids’ Problem Solving Skills

Problems can vary in size and nature – from solving a math equation to handling conflict and transforming plans into reality. Being able to tackle all these challenges with calmness and confidence is a valuable lifelong skill.

Toddlers are naturally inquisitive and eager to explore what’s around them. Even so, there are things we can do to encourage and inspire youngsters so they become skilled problem-solvers before they begin school.

Build problem-solving skills with LEGO® DUPLO® sets

LEGO® DUPLO® sets are specially designed for children aged 18 months and up. With bright colors and large, easy-to-handle building bricks, LEGO DUPLO toys are the perfect way to introduce toddlers and preschoolers to the developmental joys of creative construction.

Preschoolers who build and play with LEGO DUPLO toys experiment with color, size, shape, numbers, texture, weight, balance and symmetry as they create their own imaginative world. These endlessly versatile toys put creative problem-solving directly into the hands of children and develop their innate curiosity by enabling the play to go in any direction.

One of the many ranges of LEGO DUPLO toys that young children find immediately relatable is the series of Wild Animal playsets, which bring a whole world of animals in their natural habitats to your little explorer.


LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of Africa (10971) introduces preschoolers to an adorable baby elephant and baby giraffe. There are flowers and a tree for the easy-to-hold animal figures to nibble on, plus a 3-dimensional woodland playmat to explore.

South America!

LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of South America (10973) lets kids go wild in the jungle as they meet the crocodile, monkeys, sloth, baby jaguar, toucan and alpaca among the tropical trees, rocks and waterfall.


LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of Asia (10974) is an exotic landscape filled with the most amazing wildlife – adult and baby elephants, pandas and tigers, a monkey, 2 birds and 2 red pandas. There’s even a sound brick that plays realistic noises and animal sounds.


LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of Europe (10979) presents 2 adult deer, a baby deer, bear, fox, wild pig, bird, rabbit, duck and 2 squirrels in a range of natural habitats, including a cave and trees where animals can shelter and find food.

The ocean!

LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of the Ocean (10972) takes young imaginations to the depths of the sea to meet an adult and baby whale, tropical fish and a cute turtle in their natural environment.

The World!

LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of the World (10975) takes kids on a wildlife tour of the planet, stopping off at all 7 continents! They’ll discover pandas in Asia, lions in Africa, deer in Europe, an alpaca in South America, a bear in North America, a koala in Australia, penguins in the Antarctic and lots more, plus a sound brick that plays animal and ambient noises.

Nurture problem-solving skills with LEGO DUPLO

Playing with LEGO sets is intrinsically linked to problem-solving and other essential developmental skills. So get your little animals started early with LEGO DUPLO Wild Animal playsets – an effortless way to engage, entertain and educate young children as they enjoy endless imaginative fun.

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