DOTS Inspiration

What is LEGO® DOTS

LEGO® DOTS sets are cool arts and crafts projects designed to give kids the freedom to highlight their own creative style – any way they like!

Express yourself in 3D

Try our online DOTS Decorator!

Easy, fun creativity

If a child can imagine it, they can create it. These cool arts and crafts sets give them creative freedom to play!

Self-expression possibilities

Children get to show off their personality and interests with every design, any way they like. Bright and cheery? There are DOTS for that. Bold and empowered? There are DOTS for that!

Let your child flex their creative skills

Every design they make helps them grow their creative confidence and willingness to try new things. There’s no right or wrong, it’s all good fun!

Endless design possibilities

The tiles in each set offer an unlimited number of design combinations to discover and create.

Change designs any time

Redecorating the bracelets and room decor items is a snap – kids can change them any time they wish!

LEGO® DOTS sets put the ‘fun’ in functional!

Whether kids wear them or use them in their rooms, LEGO® DOTS sets are fun and easy to make and use.