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Marvel Studios Iron Man (31199)Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist – legend. Bring one of the most charismatic Marvel characters to life with your own tribute to your favorite Avenger – Marvel Studios Iron Man.

Listen – Build – Relax

Tap into your creative superpowers with over 3,100 bricks, lose yourself in quality tinkering time as you listen to the unique Soundtrack, and bring your favorite Super Hero to life, tile by tile.
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Unique SoundtrackPlug in your headphones, immerse yourself in Stan Lee’s Marvel Comics Universe where the Iron Man character originated from, and start building. Note: Soundtrack only available in English.



Download the transcript here

1 Picture, 3 Options

Build your favorite of 3 versions of the characteristic Iron Man masks; each piece of artwork is based on the most memorable suits from the Marvel Studios Avengers universe: the MARK III, the HULKBUSTER MARK I, and the final, fateful MARK LXXXV. Two new elements – a LEGO® brick separator with improved functionality and a hook – make rebuilding your artwork easy when you want to refresh and update your display.

Collect and Combine 3 Sets

Collect more sets to build and display all 3 portraits or use the tiles to build the triple-size, unique Ultimate Build showing Iron Man in action. You can download the free building instructions for your Ultimate Build here.

“I am Iron Man.”

Created by the legendary comic book writer Stan Lee, Tony Stark does not seem like the most sympathetic Super Hero material at first glance. But the shameless, self-promoting, spoiled weapons dealer is forced to forge a new identity for himself as Iron Man after a traumatic ordeal that literally leaves him with a broken heart. The transformation, and his newfound mission to keep the world safe, wins him both powerful new allies and enemies throughout the entire galaxy as founder and leader of the ultimate Super Heroes task force – The Avengers.

Build Neat Stuff

Iron Man never stops developing new features, functions and details for his suits and masks. Whichever version you choose to build, enjoy the satisfaction of seeing all the little details come together to show the power, versatility and creative engineering you love about your favorite Marvel Super Hero.

Behind the Scenes

How was the ultimate Marvel Studios’ Avengers Super Hero created with LEGO® tiles? Go beyond the build with Senior Designer Kitt Kossmann and Design Lead Christopher Stamp.
Heroes aren’t born. They’re built. It’s time to build yours. Put your heart and hands into more than 3,100 bricks and add a Super Hero headquarters vibe to your home or office.

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