Songs and Apps

Songs and Apps

Expand Your DUPLO® Experience

LEGO® DUPLO® exists in more places than just your toy box. On this page, we’ll introduce you to our award-winning apps and our multi-platform selection of nursery rhymes, to help expand your DUPLO experience.

LEGO® DUPLO® Nursery Rhyme Songs Playlists

Experience our BIG catalogue of nursery rhymes… with a DUPLO twist! There are reimagined classics, entirely original DUPLO songs for toddlers and all can be enjoyed with impossibly cute animations that’ll keep your little ones entertained (and informed) for hours on end.

Classic nursery rhymes with fun LEGO® DUPLO® videos

These well-known, animated nursery rhymes provide a perfect opportunity to spend valuable time with your little ones and help them discover and develop new skills.

Frère Jacques

Introduce your petit one to a new language, with a delightful video showing children cycling around town on another busy day.

Happy Birthday

Join in the celebrations with the children as they sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to all their animal friends!

Old MacDonald

Get ready to dust off your animal impressions and marvel as your toddler confidently recognizes farmyard friends as they appear on-screen!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

This much-loved song is accompanied by children taking an enchanting, magical journey through the night sky…

This is the Way

Build your little one’s confidence with valuable everyday routines by singing along with the LEGO DUPLO family!

The Wheels on the Bus

Turn every preschooler’s favorite bus ride song into a creative adventure – all through town!

Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes

We’ve all heard of head, shoulders, knees and toes… but have you ever tried using this song to inspire kids to build cute animals?

Itsy-Bitsy Spider

Kids will love learning about this cute little arachnid’s adventures!

Humpty Dumpty

This beloved song is accompanied by the entire DUPLO town, as everyone comes together to build a house!

Train Song

All aboard! Join the LEGO DUPLO family for a day of fun riding the train all over town.

Alphabet Song

Watch your child get to grips with the alphabet in record time, with the help of this cute animation.

Colors Song

Help your child learn about all the different colors with the LEGO DUPLO family, meeting their favorite animals along the way.

Five Little Monkeys

Learning to count has never been so fun! Sing along with these five mischievous monkeys jumping on their beds.

Rain Rain Go Away

The LEGO DUPLO family explores nature on a rainy day and sees pandas, lions, elephants and giraffes. Join in the fun and expand their knowledge of the natural world.

Everybody Goes to the Potty

(We’ve checked the facts and it’s true…)

A Friend Like You

There’s nothing better than going on an adventure with your best friend – real, imaginary or your favorite pet!

1-2-3 Delivery

Kids will love singing along with the cargo train driver on his delivery route through town.

Hometown Heroes

Whether it’s firefighters, police officers or doctors – hometown heroes are always there to lend a helping hand and save the day!

All Around the World

Watch as your little one becomes a BIG world explorer, with trips to the Arctic, the jungle and deep under the sea to see lots of wild animals!

Number Song

This informative, catchy song makes counting as easy as ABC. Wait, that’s not right…

Trucks Song

Introduce your little one to the role of trucks in our world! Deliver bricks, steer the fire truck and (most importantly of all…) bring the food to the party!


LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD is a fun, interactive and free-to-download app that teaches your little one valuable lessons and skills in a vibrant, responsive and (as ever) fun environment! 

But don’t just take our word for it… The LEGO DUPLO WORLD app has won a bunch of industry awards across numerous awards bodies.

The LEGO DUPLO WORLD app ignites fun, imagination and supports children in their early development through:

Constructive building, with digital bricks

Exploratory discovery, in the inspirational landscape

Role-play, with fun and exciting characters

Multi-touch functionality, letting you be your child’s partner in play

LEGO® DUPLO® Connected Train App

All aboard the DUPLO® Train! Where a joyful ride and first-class fun are always guaranteed and tickets are absolutely free! Kids can control the train’s speed, sound the horn, decorate the landscape and embark on loads of fun, educational activities.

As a bonus, digital and physical play can be combined with the LEGO® DUPLO Cargo Train (10875) or LEGO DUPLO Steam Train (10874) sets – although the app can of course be enjoyed on its own!

Games for little super heroes – on the LEGO® DUPLO® Marvel app

Bring the excitement of Spider-Man and Captain America to preschoolers with this kid-friendly app. Combining the learning benefits of LEGO® DUPLO® with the fun and adventure of Marvel, the app’s games are a great way to develop your little hero’s superpowers.

Exploratory discovery

Multi-touch functionality, letting you be your child’s partner in play

Role-play, with fun and exciting characters

Constructive building, with digital bricks


Magical fun & learning with Mickey & Friends

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