LEGO® Mario™ & LEGO® Luigi™ Team Up | LEGO® Super Mario™

Team up for family time!

Family play night just levelled up! Family can spend quality and creative time together by connecting two of LEGO® Luigi™, LEGO® Peach™ or LEGO® Mario™ to team up in this brand-new, dual-play experience! Build levels, then work together to earn bonus digital coins by moving, flipping and jumping in-sync. Share extra rewards for defeating enemies and completing challenges! Create and compete in friendly family competitions!

To help you get started, we’ve created some social play challenges below for your LEGO® Super Mario™ team to conquer!

Create the ultimate level!

Are you ready for the LEGO® Super Mario™ Ultimate Challenge? We want you to build the coolest level possible to enjoy coin-collecting fun with LEGO® Mario™ and LEGO® Luigi™. Check out LEGO designers Benjamin and Amy’s video for creative tips and tricks to help you become a LEGO® Super Mario™ Ultimate Challenge master!

Find out if your device is compatible with the free LEGO® Super Mario™ app and more about installing the app properly.

Team Up Challenge

Team up with a friend or family member to build a course that lets you collect coins by adding a variety of action bricks, such as the Super Star Block, ? Block and the Time Block. For a fun twist, challenge another team and see who can collect more coins!

Tip: Take turns using LEGO® Luigi™ or LEGO® Mario™ on the course to collect coins and discover rewards. Connect them for a fun 2-player experience!

Time’s Up Challenge

How many coins can you earn in 60 seconds? Team up to build a course that collects the most coins possible and challenge other teams to beat your coin count.

Tip: Add platforms (such as the seesawing Grrrol in the Reznor Knockdown Expansion Set) to your course to collect even more coins.

Rise Up Challenge

How high will you go? Team up to build the tallest course you can safely build using either of the LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Courses with Expansion Sets and Character Packs. Work together to collect as many coins as possible.

Tip: Use Power-Up Packs for different ways to collect even more coins.

Double Up Challenge

Experience twice the fun when you team up to build a LEGO® Super Mario™ challenge using BOTH the Adventures with Mario Starter Course AND the Adventures with Luigi Starter Course!

Tip: Connect LEGO® Mario™ and LEGO® Luigi™ to complete the level as a team.

Make it Up Challenge

Get creative! Team up with a friend or family member and create your own original LEGO® Super Mario™ course using as many different characters as you can.

Tip: For extra help defeating enemies, scan the Pink Yoshi action brick from the Adventures with Luigi Starter Course (71387).

LEGO® Super Mario™ app

The LEGO® Super Mario™ app is the perfect way to enhance your building experience, share the awesome challenge builds you create with your social play, and get inspiration from other fans! Download the app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.