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Create a Brickfilm conclusion of the “Chasing the Mask of Vengeance” video
Continue the Chase
Watch the LEGO NINJAGO “Chasing the Mask of Vengeance” here or on YouTube, and then decide on its ending! Create your own brickfilm version of the thrilling conclusion, getting as creative and fun as you wish, and you could be one of 5 grand prize winners!
Last day to submit (time and date in your local time zone):
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Contest Description
The Contest Rules
The Contest Prizes
Grand Prize Winner
There will be five grand prize winners, who will receive:

- 70633 Kai – Spinjitzu Master
- 70634 Nya – Spinjitzu Master
- 70635 Jay – Spinjitzu Master
- 70636 Zane – Spinjitzu Master
- 70637 Cole – Spinjitzu Master
- 70638 Katana V11
- 70639 Street Race of Snake Jaguar
- 706340 S.O.G. Headquarters
- 70641 Ninja Nightcrawler
- 70642 Killow vs. Samurai X
- 70643 Temple of Resurrection
- A Winner’s certificate
- A Customized winner’s trophy from a LEGO NINJAGO designer
- A LEGO NINJAGO swag package
A upcoming LEGO NINJAGO set, to be shipped once it’s available in summer 2018
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