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Venomized Groot

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Reconfigurable fun with Baby Groot and Venom

When the cute Baby Groot and the gruesome alien Venom combine, you get… LEGO® Marvel Venomized Groot!

Venom takes over Baby Groot

Marvel fans can build their own movable, half-Venomized Groot – then Venomize him even more, brick by brick!

LEGO® Marvel Venomized Groot

Transform as you build

Groot changes appearance as Venom takes over.

Create Venom’s features

Add a long tongue, sharp teeth, tentacles and large eyes.

Adjust however you want

Groot’s arms, legs, hips and head are easy to move and pose.

Share a digital world of building

Families can build sets better using the intuitive, digital LEGO® instructions within the feature-packed LEGO Builder app.

A gift to build, play with and display

Great gift for kids who are fans of Marvel movies, the cute Baby Groot or the slobbering alien Venom.
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