The Mountain Cave


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LEGO® Minecraft® The Mountain Cave (21137) is retired and no longer available to buy on LEGO.com. Please take a look at the recommended products featured or explore our full range of LEGO® Minecraft® sets currently available for purchase.

About This Set

Released in 2017, LEGO® Minecraft® The Mountain Cave (21137) brought an iconic location from the popular game to life in brick-built style. In the game, players explore caves and utilize tools to mine for treasures and materials, fighting mobs of monsters including slimes, zombies, spiders, creepers, and more. With The Mountain Cave set, kids could bring their mining adventures off the screen and into the physical world, using minifigures of characters Alex and Steve to explore, mine, craft, and battle. The set included authentic details from the game, such as a minecart elevator, rotating spider-spawner, and a charged Creeper™ explosion. LEGO® Minecraft® The Mountain Cave (21137) was retired in 2018, but we have many new additions to the LEGO® Minecraft® collection. See our current range of LEGO® Minecraft® sets here.
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