The Beatles


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Building Instructions

The Beatles

Discover a unique new LEGO® building experience as you create a tribute to the legendary band.

The Beatles

Bring legends to life

Relax and unwind with a unique new LEGO® experience.

An experience in sight and sound

Build while listening to a specially curated soundtrack.

Display your passion

Finish your tribute with the ‘The Beatles’ signature tile.

Create again and again

Build or rebuild into 1 of 4 portraits of the band members.

Perfect for every Beatles fan

Inspired by the iconic portraits included in the Beatles’ famous White Album, this new LEGO® building experience invites you to create one of four detailed wall art portraits of your favorite Beatle, whether it’s John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison or Ringo Starr. While building, immerse yourself in a Soundtrack of stories and unexpected details about the band.
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