T. rex Breakout


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Building Instructions

Buildable Jurassic Park memorabilia for fans

Relive your first sighting of the T. rex in Jurassic Park as you recreate the famous movie scene in LEGO® style.

Made for display

This 1,212-piece model measures over 23 in. (58cm) wide and makes an impressive centerpiece in any room.

T. rex Breakout

2 Ford Explorers

Featuring recognizable details from the iconic scene.

Easter eggs to delight fans

Look out for T. rex footprints, a ’Danger’ sign and more.

4 LEGO® minifigures

Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Tim Murphy and Lex Murphy.

Savor the creative journey

Break out the popcorn – this building experience is designed to be as engrossing as the Jurassic Park movie.

Gift idea for adults

This collectible model makes a wonderful treat for yourself or a gift for the Jurassic Park fan in your life.
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