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Peach’s Castle Expansion Set

LEGO® Super Mario™LEGO® Super Mario™
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Will ship by August 3, 2024

Limit 5
Building Instructions

Expansion Set featuring an iconic location

Children will love exploring this highly detailed LEGO® brick version of Peach’s Castle and taking on the exciting challenges.

Teaming up is fun

Connect 2 Starter Course interactive figures (LEGO® Mario™, LEGO® Luigi™ or LEGO® Peach™ – not included) for 2-player fun.

Peach’s Castle Expansion Set

Expanded play

A Starter Course (71360, 71387 or 71403) is needed for play.

Throne room

Spin the wall in the throne room to reveal Bowser.

Many authentic details

A Peach stained-glass window, Bob-omb painting and more.

Special Pipe: Peach’s Castle

This pipe triggers iconic Peach’s Castle music.

5 LEGO® Super Mario™ figures

Bowser, Ludwig, Toadette, a Goomba and a Bob-omb.

LEGO® Super Mario™ app

Find building instructions, inspiration and more in the app.

Combines with other LEGO® Super Mario™ sets

Expand, rebuild and create unlimited unique levels with other LEGO® Super Mario™ Expansion Sets (sold separately).
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