Hogwarts™ Room of Requirement

Harry Potter™Harry Potter™

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Building Instructions

Take Harry Potter fans on a secret mission!

Kids role-play a fun story from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and dream up imaginative adventures of their own.

Packed with magical movie action

Includes 3 popular minifigures, 2 animal Patronuses, a power shooter, mechanical Death Eater and a room full of surprises!

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Room of Requirement

Secrets to discover

Kids slide a panel to reveal a hidden entrance to the room.

Spells to cast

Kids practice spells against the mechanical Death Eater.

Scenes to recreate

The rules explode off the wall, just like in the movie!

Fun to build

With simple instructions included, kids aged 7 and up can build with confidence.

Many ways to play

This versatile set combines easily with other LEGO Harry Potter sets to inspire even more imaginative play possibilities.
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