VIPs: Get Double Points 4/12-4/20Shop now

VIPs: Get Double Points 4/12-4/20Shop now

Gift Cards

Redeem Gift Card

It’s time! Redeem your card here for bricks, anytime you need them.

Redeem Online

Step one: shop to your heart’s content on

Step two: when you check out, provide the information on the back of your LEGO® Gift Card. The balance will be applied to your purchase, and if you have some left over, your Gift Card will save it for your next visit. Fill up your bag at and apply your LEGO Gift Card at checkout – it’s easy. Any leftover balance will remain on your card for next time.

Redeem by Phone

Call 1-866-371-7010 to place your order. Our staff are there to help you make the perfect purchase.

Redeem in a LEGO® Store

Visit any of our amazing LEGO stores and spend your Gift Card on anything there—including exclusive sets! Our LEGO stores are full of brick specialists to help you find the perfect purchase.