LEGO® Masters

Build like a Master. Watch and build along with LEGO® Masters

Master's Favorites

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T. rex Breakout

Average rating4.6out of 5 stars
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T. rex Dinosaur Breakout

Average rating4.5out of 5 stars
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T. rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
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Blue & Beta Velociraptor Capture

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
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Giganotosaurus & Therizinosaurus Attack

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
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T. rex and Triceratops Dinosaur Breakout

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
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Quetzalcoatlus Plane Ambush

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Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport

Average rating4.7out of 5 stars

About the show

Hosted by actor and producer Will Arnett and based on the hit British reality-competition series of the same name, LEGO® Masters brings imagination, design, and creativity to life with an unlimited supply of LEGO® bricks. Faced with ambitious brick-building challenges, teams of two LEGO® enthusiasts compete to be crowned the country’s most talented amateur LEGO® builders. In each episode, Arnett, alongside expert judges and special guests, will encourage the builders, introduce incredible challenges, and put their creations to the test. The competing pairs who impress the judges the most will face off for a cash prize, the ultimate LEGO® trophy and the grand title of LEGO® Masters.

Meet the players

12 teams of LEGO® enthusiasts compete for the title of LEGO® Masters
  • Bryan & Lauren

    Age: 25 | 22 Hometowns: Laguna Beach, CA | Laguna Beach, CA Relationship: Siblings Occupations: Executive Assistant / Recent college graduate Strengths: Structures / Detail work / Elements of color / Storytelling
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Meet the Cast

  • Will Arnett

    An actor, comedian and producer best known for “Arrested Development,” “BoJack Horseman” and other comedies, Will got the job as host of LEGO Masters after playing the powerful dual role of Batman and Bruce Wayne in The LEGO Movie series.
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Masters’ Secrets

After every episode, LEGO® Master Model Builders Pete and Chris share their insider knowledge to give you the techniques and skills to build like a Master.

Episode 7: Builds That Spin

Make masterful builds that spin.

Episode 6: Arches and Curves

Use arches and curves for added detail

Episode 1

Incorporating Motion

Episode 2

Intentional Breaking

Episode 3


Episode 4

Building Flexibly

Episode 5

Balance & Symmetry

Tips & Tricks

Watch as Adam Ward demonstrates how to use Master Builder techniques, such as Power Functions and Locking & Stability, in order to Build Like A Master.

Tips & Tricks – Creating with DOTS

Adam Ward shows how form and function play into his builds.

Tips & Tricks – Locking & Stability

Adam Ward strengthens builds for playtime with his daughter.

Mini Build –Jungle Dragon

Adam Ward creates an original blossom build from a dragon.

Mini Build – Heartlake City Café

Adam Ward transforms a café into a veggie monster.

Mini Build – Deep Sea Creatures

Adam Ward turns sea creatures into something out of this world.

Episode 2 – Storytelling

Adam Ward uses storytelling to Build Like A Master.

Episode 1 – Power Functions

Adam Ward creates a family dance party with power functions!

Build Like A Master Family Videos

The Missing Piece

Explore and create! That’s how you Build Like A Master.

The Chase

Unexpected moments are opportunities to Build Like A Master.

Windblown Flowerpot

Unexpected moments are opportunities to Build Like A Master.

The Uneven Leg

Creatively solving problems is how you Build Like A Master.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many contestants are there on LEGO® Masters?

Twelve teams of two each compete for the title of LEGO® Master!

What network is LEGO® Masters on?

LEGO® Masters airs on FOX.

What's the prize for winning LEGO® Masters?

The winning LEGO® Masters team receives the LEGO Masters Trophy, a cash prize of $100,000 and their winning build displayed in LEGOLAND® Florida!

Who hosts LEGO® Masters?

Will Arnett hosts LEGO® Masters and Brick Masters Amy and Jamie are the judges

Who won LEGO® Masters 2020?

Tyler and Amy won the first season of LEGO® Masters in 2020. You can catch-up on everything that happened during LEGO Masters US Season 1 here.

What streaming service has LEGO® Masters?

You can stream LEGO® Masters on FOXNOW and Hulu