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The Top 8 LEGO® Police Car Toys for Kids

What’s your emergency? Bring justice to playtime with high-speed chases, rapid response teams and action-packed stories when you build the best police force around.

If your kids love police car toys, they need the fastest, sleekest, most feature-packed LEGO® sets – so we’ve put together eight of the force’s finest to tackle any crime, any time.

LEGO® City – Police Patrol Car

It’s time to go out on patrol! Get the police officer minifigure out and about and looking for trouble in his patrol car.

With sticker decorations and a removable roof, your kids will be inspired to act out chases, make quick drives to the crime scene, or just ensure traffic keeps moving.

Slow down! This LEGO Police car set comes with two traffic cone accessories so you can mark closed lanes or shut off areas for investigative police work.

Combine the set with other LEGO City Police sets to complete missions and work as a squad!

LEGO City – Elite Police Driller Chase

Do you hear a rumbling? Crooks are breaking through the bank wall with the driller! Your little ones will love to pit hero Sam Grizzled and crook Hacksaw Hank head-to-head in this dramatic drilling, thrilling driller and police car toy set.

The driller has a chain to grab the safe and escape as soon as they’ve tunneled through – will the police catch up with it?

Don’t worry – Sam has handcuffs to put Hank away for good when his speedy police car forces the driller to stop.

Get all the gold back from the driller or combine this set with other LEGO City Police sets to task the whole force with tracking down this criminal and his stolen cash!

LEGO City – Mobile Command Center

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Mobile Command Center

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Take the police headquarters action on the road with the Mobile Command Center!

Featuring a monitoring room with screens, a satellite dish, side doors, a rear ramp, and storage for the motorbike and tools, the team has everything they need in this detachable truck cab to coordinate the entire police force on the go.

Lift the opening roof and play inside with space for the two police minifigures, or pack it up and relocate to a new spot!

Danger right at the base! The jail cell includes a breakout feature so the crooks can pull alongside with their ATV, connect its hook and chain, and pull the cell apart.

Get back on the chase before they steal any more valuables, with the police figures and their trusty police dog!

LEGO DUPLO® – Fire Helicopter & Police Car

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Fire Helicopter & Police Car

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Let your toddlers stop emergencies in their tracks with this heroic duo! As they build the helicopter and police car toy set, they’ll build their awareness of shapes and colors, and as they play out action scenes, they’ll grow their social and emotional skills as well.

The helicopter features a spinnable rotor while the car has wheels for push-along action. Kids can make their own siren noises for the police car toy with lights mounted on top as they rush to the crime scene, with whooshing noises for the helicopter take-off!

LEGO City – Police Dog Unit

This LEGO Police car toy is on its way with a capable police officer and his reliable four-footed friend. They’re an unstoppable crime-fighting team – and fierce friends, too!

There’s a robbery afoot! The crowbar-wielding thief breaks into the shop window to steal priceless jewels, but our heroes are here to save the day, working together to stop the criminal in their tracks.

If the crook gets away, it’s time to catch him and get the swag sack back! Hop in the police car and chase him down, or combine this set with other LEGO City Police toys to stage a whole robbery, chase, capture and escape – or any other adventure you can imagine.

LEGO City – Police Highway Arrest

Help top cop Duke DeTain drive his police car through an action-heavy chase sequence as he tries to stop arch-baddie Vito in his sleek convertible.

The criminal has a stolen safe, but there’s something weird going on – why does he have a crate of fish? Swerve the slippery obstacles as the two barrel down the road, and catch up before Vito gets away!

Use the roadblock bricks to build a dead end for Vito so Duke can catch up, then use the handcuffs accessory to put him behind bars for good.

Your kids can dream up wild new adventures with the stolen safe, crowbar and the wacky addition of a crate of fish. What a catch!

LEGO City – Police Brick Box

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Police Brick Box

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Coordinate police missions from their home base at the police station and guard the jail and stolen ATM.

But it might not be as secure as it looks – the crooks are here with their getaway truck to steal back the ATM or free their friends! Don’t worry, the Duke DeTain minifigure is ready to hop into his police car and chase them down before they get away.

This two-in-one set is great for kids who love to play out the action and start over again.

Put the crooks away and have them escape – or rebuild the criminals’ truck into a motorbike transport for the police so they can engage in quick criminal-catching fun!

LEGO City – Police Prisoner Transport

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Police Prisoner Transport

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Prisoners are on the move – but super-crooks Snake Rattler and Clara the Criminal have each other’s backs and are ready to break each other out.

This prisoner transport toy comes with two sticks of dynamite for seriously explosive cell-break action and the risk of the bad guys making a break for it. Kids can act out a whole prison escape!

Crooks are getting away with their tow-truck car and the jail cell! But Duke DeTain is on the case with his cool black police motorcycle, handcuffs and motorbike helmet accessories, so he’s equipped to catch both bad guys and lock them up.

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