Best Toys for 4+-Year-Olds
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Tailor-made for fantastic 4-year-olds

Do you have a little one around 4 years old at home? Then you know too well that they’re no longer a toddler and are ready to prove it! LEGO® 4+ sets pack all the fun of everyday LEGO play into an experience that’s been tailored specifically to the skills and loves of these little big builders.

Featured Sets

Mimoňský pilot v zácviku

Price34,99 €

Batman™ vs. Joker™: Naháňačka v Batmobile

Price29,49 €

Mimoni v Gruovom laboratóriu

Price19,99 €

Bella a zimná oslava na zámku

Price54,99 €

Arielina slávnostná loď

Price29,49 €

Stephanie a jej dom 4+

Price39,99 €

Jayov elektrorobot

Price19,49 €

Familiar stories to build on

All LEGO 4+ sets are created around stories, characters and themes younger kids already love. Princesses? Superheroes? Dinosaurs? There’s something for everyone.

How to get started

Looking for tips on how to get started with 4+? Here are our tips for an awesome 4+ building experience with your kids.

Designed thoughtfully

The elements in each LEGO® 4+ set are sorted and packaged to guide the rookie builder and simplify the building experience for them, adding tons of play along the way.

Starter bricks

If you’re new to LEGO building you might not know where to begin, so our LEGO 4+ sets include helpful Starter Bricks that are easy to find and jumpstart the young builder’s play.

Play as you go

Even before the building is done, LEGO 4+ sets include plenty of recognizable elements for creating quick, fun stories and play scenarios. You can join in too!

The perfect balance of fun and challenging

LEGO 4+ takes the characters and stories younger children love and combines them with the perfect balance of challenging yet guided building. We know that if a build is too difficult, they could be put off and give up. But, on the flip-side they’re keen to prove they’re able to build like ‘big kids’ now. LEGO 4+ sets are designed especially for these little builders at this very specific time in their development. Something you’ll see the minute they open the box!

LEGO® Instructions PLUS

The easy, intuitive LEGO® Instructions PLUS is a digital, interactive guide to building this collectible LEGO gift toy for kids. You can find it in the free LEGO Life app, and kids can use zoom and rotate viewing tools to help them build the model.

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    Buldozér na stavbe

    Average rating4.5out of 5 stars
    Price19,99 €
  • Čoskoro bude vyradené

    Pekáreň v mestečku Heartlake

    Average rating4out of 5 stars
    Price18,99 €
  • Čoskoro bude vyradené

    Ihrisko pre šteniatka

    Average rating5out of 5 stars
    Price9,99 €
  • Čoskoro bude vyradené

    Jednotka s policajným psom

    Average rating3.4out of 5 stars
    Price9,99 €
  • Centrálne letisko

    Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
    Price49,99 €
  • Stephanie a jej dom 4+

    Price39,99 €
  • Bitka s búrkovým štítom

    Average rating4.4out of 5 stars
    Price29,99 €
  • Elsa a dobrodružstvo s povozom

    Average rating3.3out of 5 stars
    Price29,99 €
  • Anna a výprava na kanoe

    Average rating4out of 5 stars
    Price19,99 €
  • Kai a ohnivý drak

    Average rating4out of 5 stars
    Price19,99 €
  • Smetiarske auto

    Average rating4.3out of 5 stars
    Price19,99 €
  • Hasičské auto s rebríkom

    Average rating4.6out of 5 stars
    Price19,49 €
  • Iron Man vs. Thanos

    Price19,49 €
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