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The Top 7 LEGO® Dog Toys for Kids

Are your young ones barking mad for cute dogs and precious puppies? Bring canines to playtime without the responsibility with the most adorable LEGO® dog sets and watch your kids’ fun go through the woof!

We’ve collected seven of our favorite dog figures and sets to entertain your children and decorate your home.

LEGO® BrickHeadz™ – German Shepherd

Build out your BrickHeadz™ collection with this adorable German Shepherd.

With his cool little bandanna and his movable tail, he’s the perfect addition to any display – and he comes with a cute German Shepherd puppy who can’t keep his tongue in his mouth!

Sitting together on a baseplate in a decorated basket, the dog and puppy duo are perfect for display, BrickHeadz collectors and dog-lovers alike.

Play with them or line them up with other BrickHeadz figures for the coolest doggy decorations!

LEGO DOTS – Bag Tag Dog

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Ozdoba na tašku – psík

Price6,59 €

If you know a child who loves to express themselves, the Bag Tag Dog set is the perfect set for a young artist.

Boys and girls can design their own doggy face with the pieces in the kit and rearrange them over and over again to show new styles – then attach the tag using the silicone ring and take it on the go! 

Use the design ideas from the packaging to get started, or combine with other DOTS sets and a bright imagination to come up with whole new looks for the portable puppy pal!

LEGO DUPLO® – Fire Station

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Hasičská stanica

Price49,99 €
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Dogs aren’t just cute – they’re go-getting members of the team! This proactive pooch is on-hand at the fire station to help the firefighters practice putting out the campfire and getting the ladder into position.

Press the button on the fire truck toy to activate the siren and lights, and then set off with the two DUPLO® figures and their dog to the next adventure!

LEGO Friends – Puppy Playground

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Ihrisko pre šteniatka

Price9,99 €
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The only thing cuter than dogs is puppies – join Mia and her pups Cookie and Coco on the Puppy Playground to make some new LEGO Friends!

Slip down the slide, skid on the skateboard and spin on the merry-go-round with the dogs, or play out an entire adventure with this and other LEGO Friends sets. <br>

The set comes with Mia’s sunglasses and a range of treats and toys for the dogs, including a brush, bowl, biscuit and some bones – as well as two perfect little bows to give the dogs a perky new look!

LEGO Friends – Mia’s Pug Cube

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Mia a jej mopslíkový boxík

Price9,59 €
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Take the fun on the go in an adorable pug-shaped carry case!

Behind the sweet little ears and happy little doggy face, the set stores a mini-doll, a pug pup in a surprise color and realistic grooming accessories so kids can take care of the pooch.

The case also includes a buildable cabinet for storing the pug’s chew bone and dog biscuit… and a little toy ‘mess’ to clean up!

Play with the cube’s toys at home or pack them up for fun on the go!

LEGO Friends – Doggy Day Care

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Psia škôlka

Price17,99 €

If you know children who love to take care of dogs, pick up a Doggy Day Care set and help LEGO Friends Emma keep her pet pals clean and exercised.

Take the dogs for a scrub in the bath, jump them through the agility tunnel, and then return them home, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

The set comes with neat grooming equipment, a cash register, a grooming area and even a little dog mess for cleaning up, as well as loads of other LEGO dog accessories for telling all sorts of different stories!<br>

LEGO City – Police Dog Unit

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Jednotka s policajným psom

Price9,99 €
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This set teams up a fluffy, four-footed friend with his police-officer partner in a patrol car. The officer can sit in the front while the K9 half takes the back.

Between them, crime doesn’t stand a chance – chase down the crowbar-wielding jewel thief as he attempts to rob the shop!

Retrieve the gems or call for back-up: the LEGO Police Dog Unit can be paired with other LEGO City Police sets to form an entire station’s worth of crime-fighting experts. Keep the City safe at playtime!

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