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Smart motors, power hubs, color and distance sensors, LED lights – all you need to bring your customized creations to life. Easily add movement, light, sound and Bluetooth® remote control to your LEGO® sets.

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Code movements, speed and directions, add sounds and lights, and boost your LEGO models. The Powered Up platform lets you remote-control your creations via Bluetooth® and code them into action with the Powered Up app.


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Price10,99 €

Kustības bloks

Average rating2.5out of 5 stars
Price89,99 €

Krāsas un attāluma sensors

Average rating3.8out of 5 stars
Price14,99 €

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Get inspired with awesome fan creations

Animals, buildings, LEGO® Friends sets... everything can be motorized with Powered Up. The possibilities are endless for builders of all ages. Spark your imagination with some inspiration!

LEGO® Friends goes high-tech

See what becomes possible when you combine the power of friendship with Powered Up. You can motorize a secret jewelry box, make a spinning carousel for the LEGO Friends dolls, or send them on an adventure in a motorized plane!

Toy vehicles on the move

Cars, a house on wheels, boats, trains... if it looks like it should move, then it can be made to move with Powered Up components. Controlled by app or remote control!

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