About LEGO® | Disney Princess™

LEGO® | Disney Princess™

Across mountains, over seas, under water, atop towers… the iconic Disney princess characters have been to extraordinary places and done extraordinary things. As times have changed, so have they. But the magic they – and these LEGO® | Disney Princess™ sets – inspire remains as strong as ever.

Moanos kelvedė valtis

Price39,99 €

Neprilygstama nuotykių pilis

Price114,99 €

Kerinti princesės kelionė

Price74,99 €

Besisukanti Auksaplaukė

Price10,99 €
Sunkiai randami

Mini Disney pilis

Price39,99 €

Auroros pilis

Price49,99 €

Pelenės ir Žavingojo princo pilis

Price94,99 €

Inspiring characters

A Disney Princess shows kids that good things happen when your spirit is brave, your mind is determined, and your heart is kind.

Happy ever after

And with a LEGO® | Disney Princess™ set, your kids can create literally millions of adventures featuring these inspiring heroines…

Perfect, even for younger royals

Our LEGO® | Disney sets for kids aged 4+ help young ones bring a bit of that Disney magic into their play time.
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