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Ensemble Le dragster exclusif GRATUIT avec tout achat de plus de 45 $*.Visiter la boutique


Princesses make their own rules

For a princess, every day is a new adventure.

Rebuild your fairy-tale ending

With the right material in their hands, kids can unleash their creativity as they build and rebuild whatever comes into their head, the way they want it. And for a child whose world revolves around princesses, there's no end to the stories that can be told and retold through LEGO® play.

Products Fit for Any Princess

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Build Your Love for Princesses

From heroic endeavors to magical romance and beautiful castles, the life of a princesses is filled with the kinds of stories children love to hear and tell. With LEGO princess toys, kids can immerse themselves in the creative play and endless possibilities that come with each new tale they build!

Every Princess Deserves a Castle

Ready to build your own castle? With LEGO bricks, it's not only easy to get started, kids can remodel and repurpose their princess castles to their heart's content!

Your Castle, Any Way You Wish It

With a new feature called "modularity", the latest LEGO® | Disney princess castles can be endlessly mixed, swapped and rearranged! That means more stories and more fun for kids!

A Magic Kingdom of Your Own

Recognized by kids and adults around the world, the Walt Disney World® Cinderella Castle is home to princesses and imagination. This LEGO recreation of the iconic caste is the ultimate celebration of a truly magical place.

Filled with ornate details and lovable characters – like Mickey Mouse and Minnie, Donald Duck and others – the castle is a rewarding build and a joy to experience.

A Full Cast of Characters

The stories you know are just the beginning! Now your child can set out on all-new adventures with the Disney princesses they know and love.

Why we Love Princesses

Whether it's protecting her kingdom from danger or turning a toad back into a prince with just one kiss, princesses and their stories delight both kids and adults. We love seeing these empowered heroines in the hands of children where their dream and imagination can run wild.
With LEGO bricks, your child can build their own castles, bring together diverse characters and deviate from the "classic" retelling of fairy tales and stories to create adventures that are truly on of a kind.
From the first "once upon a time" to the last "happily ever after"m enter a world where kids are king, queen and everything in between.
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