Easy LEGO® Builds for Young Builders
By age: 4+

LEGO® 4+ sets: Easy LEGO builds for young builders

If you have a kid around 4 at home, you’ll know that they’re not a toddler anymore and are ready to prove it however they can! Luckily, LEGO® 4+ sets pack all the fun of everyday LEGO play into an age-appropriate experience that’s tailored to their skills and interests.

Camping with Sea Bear…

A nice relaxing beach trip… with a giant, marshmallow-eating bear. Bliss.

Donuts to the rescue!

Isn’t it amazing the lengths little ones will go to in order to protect their donuts…?

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Où d’autre les ensembles LEGO® pour 4 ans et plus les emmèneront-ils?


Le QG en toile de l'équipe de Spidey

Price69.99 CAD

Le centre de sauvetage des bébés dinosaures

Price49.99 CAD

Le Faucon Écarlate

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
Price64.99 CAD

Le château glacé d’Elsa

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price59.99 CAD

Le combat du dragon source de Kai

Price49.99 CAD

La remorque du cheval et du poney

Price24.99 CAD

Spidey contre le Bouffon Vert

Price24.99 CAD

Le camion-restaurant de hot dog

Price24.99 CAD

Minimal fuss, maximum fun

We’ve made it easy as 1, 2, 3 for young kids to get into the play fast. Read more below…

The 4+ building experience

Easy to handle

The build is separated into manageable chunks to help track progress.

Helping Hands

The booklet is packed with illustrative guides.

Decorations instead of stickers

We’ve replaced fiddly stickers with pre-painted decorations.

Starter bricks and 4+ toys

La voiture de Spider-Man et Doc Ock

Price13.99 CAD

La voiture de course verte

Price13.99 CAD

La motocyclette de sauvetage des pompiers

Price13.99 CAD

Du plaisir dans la cuisine de P'tichou

Price13.99 CAD

Le véhicule à tête rotative

Price13.99 CAD

Le tour de buggy de plage

Price13.99 CAD

La moto Ninja de Lloyd

Price13.99 CAD

How to get started with 4+

Design Manager Alice walks us through the range.

Why LEGO® 4+ sets are for you and yours

Discover the many benefits for big little builders.

Seem familiar?

We’ve included dozens of famous and beloved characters in our 4+ range, to bring extra joy to their playtime.

Play. It’s better together.

Become part of their play and become their master builder hero!
Spidey & Friends
Spidey & Friends
Spidey & Friends
Gabby’s Dollhouse
Mickey & Friends
Let’s go
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