Girls in STEM | International Day of the Girl

Girls in STEM | International Day of the Girl

Let’s Build Them Up

Kids as young as six think science isn’t for girls. Imagine what we could do in a world that kept them curious.

LEGO® play unlocks any child’s creative potential. That’s why we fight to unbuild biases so every young girl can build how they want, do what they want, and be who they want.

So for International Day of the Girl 2022, we’ve created 5 STEAM play activities to help kids fully explore their passions!

Mars Mission, anyone?

Mars looks a bit lonely… build it a rover friend!

Bridge the Gap

Flex your engineering skills.

Perfect Pitstop

Satisfy your need for speed!

Towering Achievement

What’s foundational to a great tower? The foundations…

Fairground Fun

Build your dream funfair attraction.
We’ve teamed up with the Obama Foundation to support the Get Her There campaign to help young girls reach their full potential.
Coding for kids
Let’s go places