What is LEGO Modular Buildings?
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Make history

Add to your Modular neighborhood or start a new collection now with the extraordinary LEGO® Icons Natural History Museum.

The coolest hot spot in town

Recapture the golden era of jazz with the LEGO® Icons Jazz Club.

Your room is ready

Relax and unpack with a Boutique Hotel set filled with stories.

Natural History Museum

Average rating4.7out of 5 stars
Hard to find

Jazz Club

Average rating4.3out of 5 stars
Hard to find

Boutique Hotel

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars

Tales from the city

Expand your Modular Buildings collection with sets from the worlds of LEGO® Marvel.

Home Alone

Relive the classic movie with surprising details around every corner.

Alpine Lodge

Check in and chill out with this Winter Village Collection set.

Modular Buildings through the years

Read all about the LEGO® Modular Building line and how it's grown over the years.
  • Café Corner, 2007Café Corner, 2007
  • Market Street, 2007Market Street, 2007
  • Green Grocer, 2008Green Grocer, 2008
  • Fire Brigade, 2009Fire Brigade, 2009
  • Grand Emporium, 2010Grand Emporium, 2010
  • Pet Shop, 2011Pet Shop, 2011
  • Town Hall, 2012Town Hall, 2012
  • Palace Cinema, 2013Palace Cinema, 2013
  • Parisian Restaurant, 2014Parisian Restaurant, 2014
  • Detective's Office, 2015Detective's Office, 2015
  • Brick Bank, 2016Brick Bank, 2016
  • Assembly Square, 2017Assembly Square, 2017
  • Downtown Diner, 2018Downtown Diner, 2018
  • Corner Garage, 2019Corner Garage, 2019
  • Bookshop, 2020Bookshop, 2020
  • Police Station, 2021Police Station, 2021
  • Boutique Hotel, 2022Boutique Hotel, 2022
  • Jazz Club, 2023Jazz Club, 2023
  • Natural History Museum, 2023Natural History Museum, 2023


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