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The Top 7 LEGO® Construction Vehicle Toys for Kids

Are your young ones obsessed with builders, bulldozers and wrecking balls? Future construction managers and architects need a strong foundation in imaginative play and the building blocks for a future in cranes and trucks.

Get to work on building new adventures with the best construction vehicle toys for boys and girls of all ages!

LEGO® City – Roadwork Truck

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Roadwork Truck


They might not be much fun when you’re driving on the road yourself, but when you bring home the roadworks, there’s nothing but excitement at playtime.

This front-end loader with a bucket that actually tips is ready to start work digging up the concrete and putting it back in place. Cordon off the route with traffic cones and a roadworks sign, then get down to business!

The ideal introduction to the exciting world of LEGO® City for young builders aged four and up, this set comes with a wheelbarrow and a shovel for the included LEGO road worker minifigure to use – as well as a small rat toy startled by all the digging!

LEGO® City – Fire Command Unit

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Fire Command Unit

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Sometimes it’s less about construction and more about saving the building! This classic fire truck has a functioning cherry picker arm for lifting a host of LEGO City TV characters like Bob and Feldman above the flames.

Get Toastie the firefighter robot in on the action: with its working cannon that shoots water elements, the flames don’t stand a chance.

Kids can play out stories straight from the LEGO City Adventures TV series, or combine with other LEGO City sets to come up with their own escapades as fire overruns the entire play area!

Stack up the firefighting accessories in the fire truck’s compartment and load Toastie the robot up the ramp to transport the whole team to the next mission.

LEGO® DUPLO® – Truck & Tracked Excavator

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Truck & Tracked Excavator

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Get your young one clearing the way with one of the best building toys for 2-year-olds and over! This toy truck and digger set are a powerful team when it comes to clearing out boulders from the construction site.

Put the two workers in the vehicles to drive them and act out imaginative building scenes to encourage your little builder as they develop physical and cognitive skills.

The excavator’s rotating digger swoops in to pick up the boulder and drop it in the truck. Move it to a safer location and dump it up with the truck’s tipping function – and the toy boulder can even split open!

LEGO® City – Construction Bulldozer

Break it down so you can build it up again! This LEGO construction toy set is equipped with a bulldozer, a crane with a wrecking ball, a cement mixer and a warning sign, so the two minifigures can put on their hard hats and get to work.

The bulldozer includes rubber tracks and a working bucket for carting around the loose blocks that the figures dig up, while kids can swing the wrecking ball around to knock down the wall and spin the cement mixer to get ready to fill in the gaps.

Cordon off the site with the sign and cones, then set up the destructible wall time and time again for endless destructive and constructive fun!

LEGO® Technic – Mobile Crane

Looking for a challenge? The mighty LEGO Technic Mobile Crane with over 1250 pieces is perfect for construction vehicle lovers who love to construct vehicles!

Suitable for ages 10 and up, this mega-machine is packed with functionality so when the build is complete, the fun just keeps going.

With a black-and-yellow design, this model looks just like the real thing, and works like it too: you can steer and drive the vehicle to the right spot, then secure it in place using the outriggers.

Once it’s steady, raise the boom from the crane cabin and extend the telescopic arm to hoist the concrete pillar into the air!

LEGO® DUPLO® – Wrecking Ball Demolition

Build fine motor and cognitive skills, and strengthen social and emotional awareness in construction-loving toddlers with this wrecking ball toy set.

Featuring three construction workers, a crane that moves up and down and from side to side, as well as a bulldozer with heavy-duty tracks and an opening cabin, there’s plenty to play around with even before you knock down the house and fill up the dump truck!

Share in the fun by helping your young one to swing the wrecking ball and demolish the house – then clear the site of pieces and boulders with the bulldozer, deliver new supplies with the truck, and build it up to start all over again!

LEGO® Technic – Skid Steer Loader

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Skid Steer Loader

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Put together the loader with a scooping bucket that really lifts and tilts, as well as an operator’s cab, control panel, roll cage and front and rear lights to make your young builder feel like they’re really working on a construction site.

And when the realistic construction features aren’t enough, take the two-in-one model apart and rebuild it as a sporty Hot Rod to turn the construction site into a high-octane dirt racetrack!

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