LEGO Family March
Build, Unbuild, Rebuild

Build an awesome Emoticon in 5 minutes

Using the bricks you have at home, you and your child can build an emoticon together, expressing a thought or emotion in LEGO® bricks!

Build an Emoticon out of 30 bricks

It takes less than 30 bricks to build something awesome. Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact colour or shape of brick, just be bold, improvise, and create your own unique Emoticon together with your child.

Changing faces

Just by changing a few bricks, you can quickly change the mood of your emoticon! Click here the brick overview.

Show your LEGO love

You don’t have to build a heart in red, you can use any colours from the selection of bricks you have at home for this fun challenge. Click here to enlarge the image.

Give it the Thumbs Up!

This 3-D thumbs up can be a fun way for your kids to express their feelings. Click here for the brick overview.