LEGO® Education Toys

LEGO® Education Toys

With LEGO® Education sets, kids aged 4+ can learn and bolster their skills in areas such as art and STEM. These amazing teaching sets come with lesson plans to help teach kids about the alphabet, counting and other educational subjects. Kids can also learn the basics of coding, enhanced by our electronic learning toys.

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Children learn best when engaged in fun, familiar activities such as games and playing with learning toys. They allow kids to connect with different subjects via creative role play and entertaining challenges that prompt them to make mistakes, encounter new ideas and grow their resilience. Our simpler sets help younger kids familiarise themselves with foundational concepts such as shapes, and our more advanced sets encourage older kids to start experimenting with robotics and more! Find something for every age group with LEGO® Education toys.

For educators

If you are an educator buying these products for schools, please click on the link below to find options on classroom packs, our professional development offerings and advice on solutions.