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11 Best LEGO® Winter Craft Toys

11 Best LEGO® Winter Craft Ideas For Kids

As the weather gets colder and the snow begins to fall, kids come back indoors and need new ways to play and design.

With these eleven LEGO® winter and Christmas crafts sets, your young ones can express themselves in ‘cool’ styles – and bring some frosty fun to playtime!

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LEGO® Classic - Creative Pastel Fun

Dive into a winter wonderland of creativity with the Creative Pastel Fun set!

Designed for budding builders aged 5 and up, this delightful kit features 333 pastel-colored bricks in various shapes and sizes – including 18 expressive eye bricks to bring creations to life.

Imaginations will soar with 5 easy-to-assemble models: a cloud, ice cream, dinosaur, cat, and robot. But the fun doesn't stop there! The colorful collection of bricks encourages fun free-building adventures, so kids can create whatever their imaginations can dream of.

LEGO® Christmas Tree

Spend meaningful quality time with friends and family this festive season by putting together this versatile 2-in-1 display piece.

Featuring tree ornaments, candles, a decorative mat and a bright yellow star for a classic finishing touch, this beautifully adorned LEGO Christmas Tree building set makes a wonderful focal point for your festive decor!

With this set you can choose to build one large tree or two smaller trees, which makes it perfectly adjustable for all room sizes.

LEGO® Classic – Creative Transparent Bricks

Kickstart kids’ creativity with this versatile playset, bursting with imaginative building ideas and inspiration!

The set comes with 500 pieces, including transparent pieces in all colors, shapes and sizes, as well as plenty of classic LEGO® bricks, eyes and wheels to bring creations to life. Kids aged 4 and up can follow the simple instructions to build 8 models, including a bird, lion, turtle, robot, unicorn and more – or use the bricks to construct their own cool designs!

With so many fun and colorful pieces to get their hands on, this building set promises to keep kids entertained all winter long (and for the rest of the year, too!)

LEGO® Holiday Main Street

Transform your home into a magical winter wonderland with the latest addition to the popular LEGO® Winter Village Collection.

Parents and kids can team up to build this cute Christmas village display, working together to create the toy store, music store and the owners’ cozy apartments. Peek inside to find charming details like a tree, presents and bed in the toy store, and a dining area in the music store.

6 minifigures complete the display, along with a streetcar ready to transport tired shoppers home after a long day of festive fun!

LEGO® DOTS Designer Toolkit – Patterns

What’s Christmas without arts and crafts?! The LEGO DOTS Designer Toolkit – Patterns is a premium set that promises endless hours of fun for creative kids aged 8 and above this festive season.

With more than 860 brightly-colored tiles in 5 different styles and color universes, kids can decorate 10 different DOTS canvases to show off their own personal style! There’s a double-row bracelet, adhesive and stitch-on patches, 2 message tags, a large photo frame and so much more.

Nurture kids’ creativity and encourage them to express their design flair this holiday season!

LEGO® DOTS – Cute Panda Tray

Bring home the cutest craft set around this winter with the adorable LEGO DOTS Cute Panda Tray!

Featuring a large lower tray for the body and a smaller upper box for the head, this quirky storage tray is designed to keep secrets and treasures, big or small, safe from prying eyes! Like every craft kit in the LEGO DOTS range, this set is fully-customizable, so there are endless creative possibilities!

This is a great set for any arts and crafts fans aged 6+ this festive season.

LEGO® Classic – Creative Suitcase

Creativity doesn’t just have to happen at home. Pack up the LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase and take a wide range of different bricks on the go with convenient storage compartments for different bricks, and an easy carrying handle for travel.

The set includes bricks, shapes, wheels and eyes for building anything you or your kids can come up with – from Christmas trees to houses, vehicles to animals, and even wrapped presents.

There are loads of instruction sets online, but the real fun happens when you come up with your own ideas.

LEGO® Technic™ Snow Groomer

Who said crafts can’t be educational? With the LEGO® Technic Snow Groomer toy set, kids aged 7 and up can learn all about how the vehicle works while they build!

Inspired by real-life vehicles, the Snow Groomer model features rubber tires, moving tracks, and levers to lift and lower the shovel and back groomer. And if that’s not exciting enough, it even rebuilds into a Snowmobile for extra winter sports fun!

With realistic movement and mechanisms to introduce young builders to the fun of engineering, this LEGO Technic set makes a great crafting challenge for kids this winter.

LEGO® Classic – White Baseplate

Give kids a blank slate to build on with this spacious 32x32-stud white LEGO® baseplate. It makes the perfect setting for any winter craft idea, whether it be a snowy landscape or a sunny ski slope!

The sturdy grip means kids’ creations will stay put no matter what, letting them transport and display their masterpiece with pride. And with 1,024 studs in total, there’s more than enough room to build whatever they like!

LEGO® Santa’s Sleigh

Get a guaranteed visit from Santa with this perfect pre-Christmas building present that’ll deliver toys right to playtime.

Kids and adults alike will delight in putting together the iconic sleigh with its four reindeer figures.

The sleigh comes loaded with all sorts of gifts like a guitar, a pair of skis and a teddy bear, to make sure he’s equipped for every taste.

LEGO® Iconic Christmas Wreath 2-in-1

Looking for a wreath that shows off your love of LEGO bricks? This Christmas two-in-one design is perfect for those who want a winter craft idea that they can use to decorate their home. It’s sure to add festive cheer wherever it’s hung or placed!

The wreath can be built to have a gorgeous big red bow, or redesigned to feature four brick-built candles representing the four weeks of Advent.

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