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12 Best LEGO® Arts & Crafts For Kids

12 Best LEGO® Arts & Crafts For Kids

Budding young artists need projects to allow them to express their creativity – and these LEGO® sets are a great way to put together some fun ideas!

Assemble decorations, personalize school bags or combine them all into one mega build. The possibilities are endless with these fantastic LEGO brick crafts.

LEGO® DOTS - Hogwarts™ Accessories Pack

Young witches and wizards can show off their Hogwarts™ house pride with these Harry Potter™ themed DIY accessories.

Whether they want to design their own wearable bracelet or create a bag tag that showcases their passion, this set lets them do it all. There are 4 different DOTS canvases to choose from, plus a magical assortment of charms, charm holders and 10 random decorated tiles to inspire creativity!

Each accessory can also be easily redecorated, letting kids dream up new designs to display their love for Harry Potter.

LEGO® Creator 3in1 - Magical Unicorn

Give crafty kids who love animals the ultimate treat with a LEGO® set they can rebuild in 3 unique ways!

There’s a magical unicorn for them to create, with a golden horn, colorful tail and posable legs and hooves. When they’re finished playing with the unicorn, they can turn it into a posable seahorse on a seabed stand, or a cute posable peacock with a colorful tail.

And if that’s not enough, they can put their creativity to the test and use the bricks to bring their own captivating creature to life!

LEGO® Classic - White Baseplate

Every artist’s journey begins with a blank canvas.

This 32x32-stud white LEGO® baseplate offers the perfect open landscape for creative kids to build anything they can imagine!

Whether they use it as a blank page to create colorful brick-built artworks, or as a sturdy base for building LEGO models, it’s a must-have addition to any young artist’s collection.

LEGO® DOTS – Designer Toolkit – Patterns

With more than 860 tiles in 5 different styles and color universes, the LEGO DOTS Designer Toolkit has everything kids need to express their personalities!

There are 10 stylish DOTS canvases to choose from in this premium set, including a double-row bracelet, adhesive and stitch-on patches, 2 message tags, a desk tray, a pencil pot, a note tray and a large photo frame.

Designed as an outlet for expressing creative flair, stylish school kids aged 8+ will be able to show their unique creations on the playground!

LEGO® DOTS ǀ Disney – Mickey & Friends Bracelets Mega Pack

This one’s for the Disney fans! Kids can combine their love of Disney’s Mickey Mouse with their passion for arts & crafts to create 5 fun bracelets!

This set includes tons of tiles with funky colors, glitter designs and exclusive decorations for completely unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery creations.

Kids can take design inspiration from the examples on the box or anything else in the world around them that sparks their creativity – and when they dream up a new idea, this set can be redesigned as many times as they like!

LEGO® DOTS – Cute Banana Pen Holder

Store your pens in style with this ap-peel-ing Banana Pen Holder set! Use the pieces included to make a banana that suits your mood and look, from a happy, smiling banana to a grumpy old banana complete with spots.

Mix in tiles from other DOTS sets to make a wild new look for the set, then place it on display in a bedroom or on a desk, ready to keep your pens where you can reach them!

LEGO® DUPLO® - Deluxe Brick Box

There’s no limit to where kids’ imaginations can take them with this colorful collection of bricks. Featuring 85 fun pieces to inspire endless building adventures, it’s the perfect way to give creativity a boost – all while helping toddlers reach new developmental milestones!

The assortment of bricks includes familiar objects like a window, and even 1-2-3 number bricks to get them started with counting. And with 2 LEGO® DUPLO® figures and a dog figure included too, the storytelling possibilities are endless!

LEGO® Classic - Creative Color Fun

Introduce young LEGO® artists to a world of colorful and creative fun with this open-ended building toy!

With a huge range of 1,500 brightly-colored bricks to explore, kids aged 5 and up will be amazed by the possibilities at their fingertips. They can follow simple picture guides to build fun models like a rocket and an octopus, personalizing them with accessories like wheels and funny eyes.

But the real creative fun lies in the free-building opportunities, letting kids use the collection of bricks and accessories to craft anything they can imagine!

LEGO® DOTS - Bracelet Designer Mega Pack

Combine creativity and self-expression with this LEGO® DOTS kit, packed with everything kids aged 6+ need to design their own awesome accessories.

There are 5 adjustable bracelets and 5 different passions to explore: animals, street style, nature, cosmic wonders and summer fun. Kids can mix and match the collection of colored tiles to create their own designs, adding special opalescent charms and even 20 random exclusive graphic tiles to elevate their creations.

The kit can be combined with others in the LEGO DOTS range for even more inspiring design possibilities, letting kids create and wear the accessory of their dreams!

LEGO® Classic - Creative Pastel Fun

Give playtime a pastel makeover with this fun and versatile Creative Pastel Fun set!

Young art lovers aged 5 and up can follow the simple picture guides to create 5 cute models: a cloud, an ice cream, a dinosaur, cat and a robot. And if they’re feeling more creatively confident, they can put away the guides and build their own cool creations!

With 333 bricks in a range of pretty pastel colors, including 18 expressive eyes to bring models to life, this enchanting set is the perfect gift for budding builders with big imaginations.

LEGO® Classic - Creative Neon Fun

If they’re more into vibrant shades than pastels, this Creative Neon Fun set is the perfect way to brighten up their day.

Featuring 333 neon-colored bricks in various shapes and sizes, it has everything kids aged 5 and up need to enter a world of colorful and creative exploration.

There are easy-to-follow building instructions for 5 cool models – a pineapple, highlighter pen, car, alien and roller skates – or kids can use their own imaginations to bring new creations to life!

LEGO® DOTS Lots of DOTS – Lettering set

Featuring more than 700 tiles in as many shapes and colours as kids can imagine, the LEGO® DOTS Lots of DOTS – Lettering set is a must-have for creative kids.

There’s a leaflet inside with some design inspiration to get started with, or kids can let their imaginations lead the way. They can create personalised fonts and messages in a range of different colours to show off their passions, mood or design flair.

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